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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phase Shift Oscillator Circuit

This is a design circuit of a simple inexpensive amplitude stabilized phase shift sine wave oscillator which requires one IC package, three transistors and runs off a single supply. This circuit is combination with the RC network comprises a phase shift configuration and oscillates at about 12 kHz. The remaining circuitry provides amplitude stability. Here’s the schematic figure of the circuit.

The high impedance output at Q2's collector is fed to the input of the LM386 via the 10 μF-1M series network. This circuit is using op amp LM386 causes it has fixed gain of 20. The 1M resistor in combination with the internal 50 kΩ unit in the LM386 divides Q2's output by 20. The positive peaks at the amplifier output are rectified and stored in the 5 μF capacitor. This potential is fed to the base of Q3. Q3's collector current will vary with the difference between its base and emitter voltages. Since the emitter voltage is fixed by the LM313 1.2V reference, Q3 performs a comparison function and its collector current modulates Q1's base voltage. Q1, an emitter follower, provides servo controlled drive to the Q2 oscillator.a

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