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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Controller Circuit

This is a design controller for indoor and outdoor temperature. This circuit is intended for controlling a heating system or central heating plan, keep room temperature constant despite changes in the external one. This is the figure of the circuit.

In principle of work this circuit is when the Q1 to the ground voltage by less than half of supply voltage (determined by R7 & R9), the voltage generated in the R8 and the driver transistors Q2 & Q3-switch on the relay. Two sensors required, one placed outside the home, to sense an external temperature. When Q1 Base voltage to the ground more than half of the voltage supply, caused when one of NTC thermistor low value because of the increase in temperature, voltage does not appear in the R8 and the Relay is not active. C3 allows clean switching of Relay. P1 functions as the main temperature control.

P1 = 1K Linear Potentiometer
R1 = 10R
R2 = 1K
R3 = 3K3 @ 20°C n.t.c. Thermistor
R4 = 2K2 @ 20°C n.t.c. Thermistor
R5 = 10K
R6 = 3K3
R7,R9 = 4K7
R8 = 470K
R10 = 10K
C1,C2 = 470µF 25V
C3 = 1µF
D1,D2,D4 = 1N4002
D3 = LED Red
Q1 = BC557
Q2 = BC547
Q3 = BC337
RL1 = Relay with SPDT 2A @ 220V switch
Coil Voltage 12V. Coil resistance 200-300 Ohm
T1 = 220V Primary, 12 + 12V Secondary 3VA Mains transformer

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