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Saturday, July 31, 2010

500mW FM/VHF Transmitter Amplifier Circuit

This is a circuit for power amplifier. This is the figure of the circuit;

This circuit is a high performance low noise 500mW amplifier / booster for all low power FM transmitters such as BA1404, BH1417, BH1415, 433MHz transmitter modules, etc. The amplifier chip is an integrated circuit containing multiple transistor stages and all other parts conveniently within a single small package. Boosting your FM transmitter has never been easier and the output signal can also directly drive 2n4427 or 2n3886 transistors for 1W or 5W of RF output power.


  1. what is the amp ic number
    i need it asp

  2. Solid, stable, certainly dependable!

  3. amplificador monolitico - ( mav11)(mar7-8)(msa1104) el primero es el mejor con muy bajo nivel de ruido. saludos