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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Low Pass Filter Circuit for Subwoofer

This is a design schematic for filter the subwoofer that is purpose for distinguishes these frequencies, in order to him we lead to the corresponding amplifier. The acoustic filters are met in various points in the sound systems. In the circuit is built by op amps. This is the figure of the circuit.

The acoustic spectrum is extended by very low frequencies 20Iz and reaches as the 20000Iz in high frequencies. In the low frequencies is degraded the sense of direction. This reason is leads to the utilization speaker for the attribution of very low frequencies. The application is a simple filter of region that limits the acoustic region (20-20000Hz) in the region 20-100Hz. This circuit is constitutes mixed, amplifier with variable aid and a variable filter.


R1 = 39 Kohm R2 = 39 Kohm
R3 = 47 Kohm R4 = 10 Ohm
R5 = 22 Kohm R6 = 4,7 Kohm
R7 = 22 Kohm R8 = 4,7 Kohm
R9 = 10 Ohm R10 = 220 Ohm
C1 = 39 pF C2 = 0.1 uF
C3 = 0.1 uF C4 = 0.2 uF
C5 = 0.4 uF C6 = 0.1 uF
C7 = 0.1 uF IC1 = TL064


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