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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Low Impedance Loads Using LT1210 IC

This is a circuit for impedance load of voltage. This circuit is work using transformer coupling that is frequently used to step up transmission line signals. This circuit is based on LT1210 IC. This IC is fast and capable of delivering high levels of current. They can be readily compensated for reactive loads and are fully protected against thermal and short-circuit faults. This circuit is simple design. This is the figure of the circuit.

The operation of this circuit is begun from a transformer-coupled application for ADSL in which an LT1210 drives a 100W twisted pair. The 1:3 transformer turns ratio allows just over 1W to reach the load at full output. Resistor RT acts as a primary side back termination and also prevents large DC currents from flowing in the coil. The overall frequency response is flat to within 1dB from 500Hz to 2MHz. Distortion products at 1MHz are below – 70dBc at a total output power of 0.56W (load plus termination), rising to –56dBc at 2.25W. If RT is removed, the amplifier will see a load of about 11W and the maximum output power will increase to 5W. A DC blocking capacitor should be used in this case. [Schematic source: Linear Technology Corporation, Inc].

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