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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tone Control Circuits Using CA3140

This is a circuit for tone control in the amplifier. High slew rate, wide bandwidth, high output voltage capability and high input impedance are all characteristics required of tone control amplifiers. This circuit is built by CA3140 IC. Ca3140 is a op amp for audio signal. This is the figure of the circuit.

The Baxandall tone control circuit which is provides unity gain at mid band and uses standard linear potentiometers. The high input impedance of the CA3140 makes possible the use of low cost, low-value, small size capacitors, as well as reduced load of the driving stage. Bass treble boost and cut are 15 dB at 100 Hz and 10 KHz, respectively. Full peak-to-peak output is available up to at least 20 KHz due to the high slew rate of the CA3140. The amplifier gain is 3dB down from its “flat” position at 70 KHz.

[Project Schematic source: Intersil Corporation]

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