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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wien Bridge Oscillator Using CA3140

This is a bridge oscillator circuit. This circuit is excellent use of its high input impedance, high slew rate, and high voltage qualities and it is called the Wien Bridge sine wave oscillator. This is the figure of the circuit.

Oscillator stabilization takes on many forms. It must be precisely set, otherwise the amplitude will either diminish or reach some form of limiting with high levels of distortion. The element, RS, is commonly replaced with some variable resistance element. Thus, through some control means, the value of RS is adjusted to maintain constant oscillator output. A FET channel resistance, a thermistor, a lamp bulb, or other device whose resistance increases as the output amplitude is increased are a few of the elements often utilized. As the output signal amplitude increases, the zener diode impedance decreases resulting in more feedback with consequent reduction in gain; thus stabilizing the amplitude of the output signal. [Project Schematic source: Intersil Corporation].

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