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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10 Watt Linear Amplifier

This is a 10 watt linear amplifier that is capable of delivering over 15 watts into 50 ohms and uses cheap plastic transistors that are used in CB equipment. This circuit is based on transistor. This is the figure of the circuit.

The bias generator transistor, TR4, is marked TIP31 in the circuit diagram, but here you can use just about anything that will fit. You could even use another 2SC2078, if you had money to burn, but more practical components would be TIP41, TIP3055, MJE3055. All that matters is that it will pass up to 1 Ampere and have the correct base details in a TO220 case. The amplifier has a wide bandwidth, from 1.8 MHz through to over 30 MHz. The drive level required is only about 2 - 5 mW under 14 MHz, rising to 10 mW at 30 MHz. You can therefore make a good QRP CW rig with nothing more than this PA and a simple crystal oscillator. [Schematic source: Harry Lythall Notes]

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