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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Audio Power Amplifier Over Temperature Detector

This is a power amplifier for audio that has over temperature detector inside. This circuit is based on LM56 as controller. This is the figure of the circuit.

An audio power amplifier IC is bolted to a heat sink and an LM56 Celsius temperature sensor is mounted on a PC board that is bolted to the heat sink near the power amplifier. To ensure that the sensing element is at the same temperature as the heat sink, the sensor's leads are mounted to pads that have feed through to the back side of the PC board. Since the LM56 is sensing the temperature of the actual PC board the back side of the PC board also has large ground plane to help conduct the heat to the device. The comparator's output goes low if the heat sink temperature rises above a threshold set by R1, R2, and the voltage reference. This fault detection output from the comparator now can be used to turn on a cooling fan. The circuit as shown in design to turn the fan on when heat sink temperature exceeds about 80°C, and to turn the fan off when the heat sink temperature falls below approximately 75°C. [Circuit source: National Semiconductor, Inc Notes].

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