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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Infra Red Link Circuit

This is a battery powered IR Link which may be used in more than one room. This circuit is built by CMOS IC and transistor. This is the figure of the circuit.

This circuit is not powered directly from the battery. When a remote control signal is received, the energy stored in C2 drives the emitter diode. At the same time, Q1 switches on briefly to allow the battery to recharge C2. The green LED shows that the circuit is transmitting; and the yellow LED confirms that C2 has been topped-up. There is unwanted IR radiation in both daylight and tungsten lighting. To minimize its effect use an opaque housing and do not make the opening too large. The depth of shading required will depend on the lighting conditions. When the source of the unwanted radiation is removed the unit may be reset by interrupting the power supply for a few seconds or by pushing the (optional) reset button. If you do neither then it will reset itself after about an hour when C2 has recharged through R7.

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